Hi, I'm Fabrice Gagnant

a 34 yo roman catholic anthropologist, from France. Specialized in systemic,
I am passionate about analyzing human structures and building light weight solutions that protect life.

I help organizations reducing their internal and external losses and sufferings, while serving their reason of being. This might concern losses of materials, of energy, of budget, of opportunities… and physical, psychological or environmental sufferings.




To reach this goal, I use 6 main tools:

  • field immersion
  • theological understanding
  • minimalism
  • consciousness boost
  • margins exploration
  • and, systemic levers




After clearly defining the reason of being of the organization, I spend time in it to analyze its functioning and set up a full diagnostic.




While studying theological sources, slowly emerge a divine logic, very different from the usual human one. This invites us far beyond the simple strategic level – mainly woven with ruses, calculations and fears – towards consistency, authenticity and a self-giving horizon, for Love. It is crucial for me to fully integrate this divine logic in our life and work, to not loose our soul on the track.






Trying to grow sales to increase the organization’s profit results in more energy and resource consumption, more waste and more competition. Instead, I focus on reducing sufferings and losses. Doing so, brings sustainability, profitability, lightness, wellness and joy.

Many try to heal the symptoms of their hyperactivity by doing more, ending up as a hamster in a wheel. But true solutions often lay in removing the inessential. Therefore, the solutions I design reflect this minimalist spirit.

Savings you will make will largely cover the costs related to my mission.

Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex,the solutions remain embarrassingly simple

Bill Mollison



Each organization evolve on a certain level of conscious, capped by the level of consciousness of its CEO. (Teal approach being the highest level identified so far.) Members occupying a lower position in the organizational chart but having a higher level of conscious than their hierarchy will remain held in their potentials and may suffer continuously. Confronted with this, systemic anthropology – by offering a global and deep understanding of our world – provides an amazing elevator of consciousness for CEOs that may liberate the latent potentials existing within their organizations.




Challenges we face require deep adaptations from organizations that plan to survive (88% of F500 companies vanished since 1955). And adaptations require out-of-the-box minds.
However, most educational systems aim to shape implementers – not radical thinkers and even less wise individuals – turning conformism into the major criteria of graduation. As a result, in a recent report the École nationale d’administration of France was alarmed about the “stereotypical thinking” of their entrance candidates.
Again, systemic anthropology helps to step out conventional frameworks and to reconnect with solid basis.




Oppositely to usual approaches, what I called a “systemic lever” is a sharp solution that produces maximum impacts for minimum efforts. By identifying and acting around hotspots, systemic levers unlock great transformation forces.


systemic levers graph


For examples of systemic levers, browse the “Productions” section of the site.

Give me a lever and a fixed point,
and I will shake the Earth


Stop flitting around. Provoke butterfly effects that work: write@fabricegagnant.com



the flap
of a butterfly’s wings
set off
a tornado

Edward Lorenz


I early adopted an extremely light life style that allowed me to travel the world for years with barely no money – walking, hitch hiking cars and boats, sleeping under the stars and sharing the life of people of all conditions.

After graduating in political sciences, I studied systemic anthropology for a decade and, then, theology, thanks to Maria Valtorta.

Beside work, I play Go, love long hikes and enrich my gardening skills.

I also launched the shared university LZ, run the W studio – an UX and digital enterprise – and volunteer on different ecological and social projects.

track record

Fields of Work

Systemic Anthropology
Invariants in Wild & Domestic Systems
Waste Management
Food production
Preventive health
Demography & migration
Society prospective & collapsology
Shared governance & teal thinking
Creative disruption
Investment & Philanthropy
Constitutional law
Tax system
Complementary currencies