Maria Valtorta : Her Life and Writings

Maria Valtorta, The Gospel as Revealed to MeDuring the last 2000 years, many Catholic mystics have caught glimpses of the Gospel. But only three have perceived a whole vision: Maria of Agreda in the 17th century, Anne Catherine Emmerich in the 19th, and Maria Valtorta in the 20th, right in the middle of World War II. Among them three, Maria Valtorta (1897-1961), a martyred soul from Italy, and a member of the mendicant Third Order of the Servants of Mary, is the only one who has directly transcribed, with her own hand, the many visions of the life of Jesus she had received. She has filled some 9,000 pages in 4 years, and sometimes she kept writing for 18 hours without interruption. She thus gave us what is so far the most voluminous biography of Jesus, under the name “The Gospel as Revealed to Me”. It didn’t take long before the Holy Office launched an attack against her, and her writings were placed on the Index two years before she died, even though she has never been accused of any dogmatic or moral error.

Since then, saints, beatified people, cardinals, bishops, theologians and renowned biblical scholars, as well as many lay people, have been enthusiastic about the work of this woman, who was chosen by God to give us this « inestimable treasure of universal literature », according to Gabriel Allegra (Macau, 1970), who was the first to translate the entire Bible in Chinese and was beatified in 2012. Pope Saint Paul VI offered her complete work to the archiepiscopal seminary of Milan when he was the city’s archbishop, and Blessed Maria Teresa of Saint Joseph, who was particularly intimate with that mystical woman and exchanged numerous letters with her.

Ten years after her death, some researchers became interested in Maria Valtorta’s writings, which are full of biological, geological, astronomical, topographical and cultural details. To this day, some 18,000 of these details have been proven true, and around dozens of sites which she described (such as Jerash, Bethsaida, the aqueduct of Tiberias, the Kfar Bar’am synagogue, the Masada fortress, the tomb of Hillel, the casemate wall of Jezreel, the dyke of Ptolemais, the Palace of Lazarus…) have been excavated or confirmed thanks to archaeological digs, long after her death.

For example, you may find below researches conducted by Italian scholars Emilio Matricciani and Liberato De Caro:

On a theological level, her work is said to contain 3,133 references to the Septuagint – the version of the Old Testament in use in Jesus’ time – even though Maria Valtorta had not received a higher education and was given her first Bible at the age of 45 only.

Browse the full table of contents of “The Gospel as Revealed to Me”, by Maria Valtorta, and access to about 20% of the book online for free.


Maps (with names of places and routes) produced on the sole basis of the writings of Maria Valtorta :

Scans of the handwritten pages of Maria Valtorta’s notebooks :

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