Here is the complete summary of “The Gospel as Revealed to Me” by Maria Valtorta, comprising more than 600 chapters divided into 10 volumes, for a total volume of more than 5300 pages. Each chapter corresponds to a vision received by Maria Valotorta over a period of 3 years and 3 months, between 1943 and 1947. You will find links below allowing you to read about 20% of the book online for free.

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The Hidden Life

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1. Introduction.
2. Joachim and Anne Make a Vow to the Lord.
3. Anne, Praying in the Temple, Has Her Wish Fulfilled.
4. With a Canticle, Anne Announces that She Is a Mother.
5. Birth of the Virgin Mary.
6. The Purification of Anne and the Offering of Mary.
7. The Son Has Put His Wisdom on His Mother’s Lips.
8. Mary Is Presented in the Temple.
9. Death of Joachim and Anne.
10. Mary’s Canticle Imploring the Coming of the Christ.
11. Mary Will Confide Her Vow to the Spouse God Will Give Her.
12. Joseph Is Appointed Husband of the Virgin.
13. Wedding of the Virgin and Joseph.
14. Joseph and Mary arrive in Nazareth.
15. Conclusion to the Pre‑Gospel.
16. The Annunciation.
17. The Disobedience of Eve and the Obedience of Mary.
18. The Annunciation of Elizabeth’s Pregnancy to Joseph.
19. Mary and Joseph Set Out for Jerusalem.
20. From Jerusalem to Zacharias’ House.
21. Arrival at Zacharias’ House.
22. Mary and Elizabeth Speak of their Children.
23. The Birth of the Baptist.
24. The Circumcision of the Baptist.
25. The Presentation of the Baptist in the Temple.
26. Mary of Nazareth Clarifies the Matter with Joseph.
27. The Census Edict.
28. The Journey to Bethlehem.
29. The Birth of Our Lord Jesus.
30. The Adoration of the Shepherds.
31. Zacharias’ Visit.
32. Presentation of Jesus in the Temple.
33. Lullaby of the Virgin.
34. The Adoration of the Wise Men.
35. The Flight into Egypt.
36. The Holy Family in Egypt.
37. The First Working Lesson Given to Jesus.
38. Mary the Teacher of Jesus, Judas and James.
39. Preparations for Jesus’ Coming of Age and Departure from Nazareth.
40. Jesus Examined in the Temple When He Is of Age.
41. The Dispute of Jesus with the Doctors in the Temple.
42. The Death of Saint Joseph.
43. Conclusion of the Private Life.

The First Year of the Public Life

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44. Farewell to His Mother and Departure from Nazareth.
45. Jesus Is Baptised in the Jordan.
46. Jesus Is Tempted in the Desert by the Devil.
47. Jesus Meets John and James.
48. John and James Speak to Peter about the Messiah.
49. First Meeting of Peter and the Messiah.
50. Jesus at Bethsaida in Peter’s House. He Meets Philip and Nathanael.
51. Judas Thaddeus at Bethsaida to Invite Jesus to the Wedding at Cana.
52. Jesus at the Wedding at Cana.
53. Jesus Drives the Merchants out of the Temple.
54. Jesus Meets Judas Iscariot and Thomas and Cures Simon the Zealot.
55. Thomas Becomes a Disciple.
56. Judas of Alphaeus, Thomas and Simon Are Accepted as Disciples at the Jordan.
57. Return to Nazareth after Passover with the Six Disciples.
58. Cure of a Blind Man at Capernaum.
59. The Demoniac of Capernaum cured in the Synagogue.
60. Cure of Simon Peter’s Mother‑in‑law.
61. Jesus Preaches and Works Miracles in Peter’s House.
62. Jesus Prays at Night.
63. The Leper Cured near Korazim.
64. The Paralytic Cured in Peter’s House.
65. The Miraculous Draught of Fishes.
66. The Iscariot Finds Jesus at Gethsemane and is Accepted as a Disciple.
67. Jesus Works the Miracle of the Broken Blades at the Fish Gate.
68. Jesus Preaches in the Temple. Judas Iscariot is with Him.
69. Jesus Teaches Judas Iscariot.
70. Jesus Meets John of Zebedee at Gethsemane.
71. Jesus with Judas Iscariot Meets Simon Zealot and John.
72. Jesus, John, Simon and Judas go to Bethlehem.
73. Jesus at Bethlehem in the Peasant’s House and in the Grotto.
74. Jesus Goes to the Hotel in Bethlehem and Preaches from the Ruins of Anne’s House.
75. Jesus and the Shepherds Elias, Levi and Joseph.
76. Jesus at Juttah with the Shepherd Isaac.
77. Jesus at Hebron. Zacharias’ House. Aglae.
78. Jesus at Kerioth. Death of Old Saul.
79. Jesus on His Way Rack Stops with the Shepherds near Hebron.
80. Jesus Returns to the Mountain Where He Fasted and to the Rock of Temptation.
81. At the Jordan Ford. Meeting with the Shepherds John, Matthias and Simeon.
82. Judas Iscariot Tells of how He Sold Aglae’s Jewels to Diomedes.
83. Jesus Cries on account of Judas and Simon Zealot Comforts Him.
84. Jesus Meets Lazarus at Bethany.
85. Jesus Goes Back to Jerusalem , and Listens to Judas Iscariot in the Temple and then Goes to Gethsemane.
86. Jesus Speaks to the Soldier Alexander at the Fish Gate.
87. Jesus and Isaac near Doco. Departure towards Esdraelon.
88. Jesus with the Shepherd Jonah in the Plain of Esdraelon.
89. Return to Nazareth after Leaving Jonah.
90. The Next Day in the House in Nazareth.
91. Jesus’ Lesson to His Disciples in the Olive‑Grove.
92. Jesus’ Lesson to His Disciples near His Home.
93. The Lesson to the Disciples in the Presence of the Most Holy Virgin in the Garden in Nazareth.
94. Cure of the Beauty of Korazim. Sermon in the Synagogue at Capernaum.
95. James of Alphaeus Is Received among the Disciples. Jesus Preaches near Matthew’s Customs Bench.
96. Jesus Preaches to the Crowd at Bethsaida.
97. The Call of Matthew.
98. Jesus on the Lake of Tiberias. Lesson to His Disciples near the Same Town.
99. Jesus Looks for Jonathan in the House of Chuza at Tiberias.
100. Jesus in the House of His Uncle Alphaeus and then at His Own Home.
101. Jesus Questions His Mother about His Disciples.
102. Cure of Johanna of Chuza near Cana.
103. Jesus on Lebanon with the Shepherds Benjamin and Daniel.
104. Jesus in the Sea‑Town Receives Letters Concerning Jonah.
105. Jesus Makes Peace with His Cousin Simon in the House of Mary of Alphaeus.
106. Jesus Is Driven Out of Nazareth and He Comforts His Mother. Reflections on Four Contemplations.
107. Jesus in the House of Johanna of Chuza with His Mother.
108. Jesus at the Vintage in the House of Anne. Miracle of a Paralytic Child.
109. Jesus at Doras’ House. Death of Jonah.
110. Jesus in the House of Jacob near Lake Merom.
111. Return to the Jordan Ford near Jericho.
112. Jesus in the House of Lazarus. Martha Speaks of the Magdalene.
113. In Lazarus’ House Again after the Tabernacles. Invitation of Joseph of Arimathea.
114. Jesus Meets Gamaliel at the Banquet of Joseph of Arimathea.
115. Cure of the Little Dying Boy. The Soldier Alexander. Intimation to Jesus.
116. Jesus Speaks to Nicodemus, at Night, at Gethsemane.
117. Jesus at Lazarus’ House Before Going to the «Clear Water ».
118. Jesus at the «Clear Water». Preliminaries for Life in Common with the Disciples.
119. Jesus at the «Clear Water»: «I am the Lord Your God».
120. Jesus at the «Clear Water»: «You shall have no gods in My Presence».
121. Jesus at the «Clear Water»: «You shall not take My Name in vain».
122. Jesus at the «Clear Water»: «Honour Your Father and Your Mother».
123. Jesus at the «Clear Water»: «You Shall Not Fornicate».
124. The «Veiled Woman» at the «Clear Water».
125. Jesus at the «Clear Water »: «Observe Holy Days».
126. Jesus at the «Clear Water »: «You Shall Not Kill ». Death of Doras.
127. Jesus at the «Clear Water»: «Do Not Put the Lord Your God to the Test ». The Three Disciples of the Baptist.
128. Jesus at the «Clear Water»: «You Shall Not Covet Your Neighbour’s Wife».
129. Jesus at the «Clear Water». He Cures the Mad Roman and Speaks to the Romans.
130. Jesus at the «Clear Water»: «You Shall Not Bear False Witness».
131. Jesus at the «Clear Water»: «You Shall Not Covet What Belongs to Your Neighbour».
132. Jesus at the «Clear Water». Closure.
133. Jesus Leaves the «Clear Water» and Goes towards Bethany.
134. Cure of Jerusa, the Woman of Doco Afflicted with Cancer.
135. At Bethany in the House of Simon Zealot.
136. The Feast of Dedication in Lazarus’ House with the Shepherds.
137. 137. Return to the «Clear Water».
138. A New Disciple. Departure for Galilee.
139. On the Mountains near Emmaus.
140. In the House of Cleopas, the Head of the Synagogue.

The Second Year of the Public Life

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141. Instruction to the Disciples while Going towards Arimathea.
142. Instruction to the Apostles Going towards Samaria.
143. Photinai, the Samaritan Woman.
144. With the People of Sychar.
145. Evangelization at Sychar.
146. Goodbye to the People of Sychar.
147. Instruction to the Apostles and the Miracle of the Woman of Sychar.
148. Jesus Visits the Baptist near Ennon.
149. Jesus Teaches the Apostles.
150. Jesus at Nazareth. «Son, I Will Come with You ».
151. In Susanna’s House in Cana. The Royal Officer.
152. In Zebedee’s House. Salome Is Accepted as a Disciple.
153. Jesus Speaks to His Disciples of Women’s Apostolate.
154. Jesus at Caesarea on Sea Speaks to the Galley‑Slaves.
155. Cure of the Little Roman Girl at Caesarea.
156. Annaleah Devotes Herself to God as a Virgin.
157. Instruction to the Women Disciples at Nazareth.
158. Jesus Speaks to Johanna of Chuza on the Lake.
159. Jesus at Gherghesa. John’s Disciples.
160. From Naphtali to Giscala. Meeting with Rabbi Gamaliel.
161. The Grandson of Eli, a Pharisee of Capernaum , Is Cured.
162. Jesus in the House in Capernaum after the Miracle on Elisha.
163. Dinner in the House of Eli, the Pharisee of Capernaum.
164. Towards the Retreat on the Mountain before the Election of the Apostles.
165. The Election of the Twelve Apostles.
166. The First Sermon of Simon Zealot and John.
167. In the House of Johanna of Chuza. Jesus and the Roman Ladies.
168. Aglae in Mary’s House at Nazareth.
169. The Sermon of the Mount: «You Are the Salt of the Earth ».
170. The Sermon of the Mount. The Beatitudes (Part One).
171. The Sermon of the Mount. The Beatitudes (Part Two).
172. The Sermon of the Mount. The Beatitudes (Part Three).
173. The Sermon of the Mount. The Beatitudes (Part Four).
174. The Sermon of the Mount. The Beatitudes (Part Five). Encounter with the Magdalene.
175. The Leper Cured at the Foot of the Mountain.
176. The Sabbath after the Sermon. At the Foot of the Mountain.
177. The Servant of the Centurion Is Cured.
178. Jesus Meets Three Men who Want to Follow Him.
179. The Parable of the Sower.
180. Lesson to the Apostles in Peter’s Kitchen and Announcement of the Baptist’s Capture.
181. Parable of the Darnel.
182. On His Way to Magdala Jesus Speaks to Some Shepherds.
183. Jesus at Magdala. He Meets. with Mary Magdalene the Second Time.
184. At Magdala in the House of Benjamin’s Mother.
185. The Calming of the Storm.
186. The Dernoniacs of Gadara.
187. Towards Jerusalem for the Second Passover. From Tarichea to Mount Tabor.
188. From Tabor to Endor in the Cave of the Necromancer. Encounter with Felix Who Becomes John.
189. The Son of the Widow of Nain.
190. From Nain to Esdraelon. Jesus Stays at Micah’s.
191. The Sabbath at Esdraelon. Little Jabez. The Parable of Rich Dives.
192. From Esdraelon to Engannim. Stopping at Megiddo.
193. From Engannim to Shechem in Two Days.
194. From Shechem to Beeroth.
195. From Beeroth to Jerusalem.
196. The Sabbath at Gethsemane.
197. In the Temple at the Hour of the Offering.
198. Jesus Meets His Mother at Bethany.
199. Jesus Goes to the Lepers of Siloam and Ben Hinnom. The Power of Mary’s Word.
200. Aglae Meets the Master.
201. Marjiam’s Examination.
202. At the Temple on the Eve of Passover.
203. The «Our Father».
204. Jesus to the Gentiles: Faith Is Built as Your Temples.
205. The Parable of the Prodigal Son.
206. The Parable of Ten Virgins and the Parable of the Royal Wedding.
207. From Bethany to the Grotto of Bethlehem.
208. Going to Eliza’s at Bethzur.
209. Jesus in Eliza’s House Speaks of Sorrow that Bears Fruit.
210. Towards Hebron. The Worlds Reasons and God’s.
211. Welcome Reception at Hebron.
212. At Juttah, Jesus Speaks in Isaac’s House.
213. At Kerioth, Jesus Speaks in the Synagogue.
214. In Judas’ House at Kerioth.
215. The Lunatic Girl of Bethginna.
216. In the Plain towards Ashkelon.
217. Jesus Is Master also of the Sabbath.
218. Arrival at Ashkelon.
219. Teaching at Ashkelon.
220. Jesus at Magdalgad Incinerates a Pagan Idol.
221. Lesson to the Apostles Going to Jabneel.
222. Towards Modin.
223. Jesus Speaks to Highwaymen.
224. Arrival at Bether.
225. The Paralytic at the Pool of Bethzatha.
226. Mary Has Sent for Martha at Magdala.
227. Marjiam Is Entrusted to Porphirea.
228. Jesus Speaks at Bethsaida.
229. The Woman with a Haemorrhage and Jairus’ Daughter.
230. Jesus and Martha at Capernaum.
231. Two Blind Men and a Dumb Demoniac Cured.
232. The Parable of the Lost Sheep.
233. Comment on Three Episodes Connected with the Conversion of Mary of Magdala.
234. Martha Has Her Victory within Her Grasp.
235. Mary Magdalene in the House of Simon, the Pharisee.
236. The Harvest Is Rich but the Labourers Are Few. The Parable of the Treasure Hidden in the Field.
237. The Magdalene Is Accompanied by Mary among the Disciples.
238. The Parable of the Fishermen.
239. Marjiam Teaches Mary Magdalene the «Our Father ».
240. Jesus Is the Powerful Lover. The Parable of the Lost Drachma.
241. Knowledge Is not Corruption if it Is Religion.
242. In the House at Cana.
243. John Repeats the Speech Made by Jesus on Mount Tabor.
244. Jesus at Nazareth.
245. In the Synagogue at Nazareth on the Sabbath.
246. Our Lady Teaches the Magdalene.
247. At Bethlehem in Galilee.
248. Going towards Sicaminon.
249. Jesus Meets the Disciples at Sicaminon.
250. At Tyre, Jesus Speaks of Perseverance.
251.Return to Sicaminon. Jesus Speaks of Faith.
252. Departure from Sicaminon. The Blessed Virgin Mary and Spiritualised Maternity.
253. Syntyche, the Greek Slave.
254. Goodbye to Mary of Magdala, to Martha and to Syntyche.
255. Jesus Speaks of Hope.
256. Jesus Goes up Mount Carmel with His Cousin James.
257. Jesus Reveals to James. of Alphaeus His Future Apostolic Mission.
258. Jesus and His Cousin James on Their Way Back from Mount Carmel.
259. Peter Speaks to Doras’ Peasants about the Love Which Is Salvation.
260. Jesus to Johanan’s Peasants: «Love Is Obedience».
261. In the House of Dora and Philip.
262. The Man with the Withered Hand.
263. A Day of Judas Iscariot at Nazareth.
264. Instructions to the Apostles at the Beginning of Their Apostolate.
265. John the Baptist Sends His Disciples to Ask Jesus whether He Is the Messiah.
266. Jesus Works as a Carpenter at Korazim.
267. Jesus Speaks of Love.
268. The Dispute with the Pharisees and the Arrival of Jesus’ Mother and Brothers.
269. The News of the Murder of John the Baptist.
270. Departure in the Direction of Taricheas.
271. Speaking to a Scribe on the Banks of the Jordan.
272. First Miracle of the Loaves.
273. Jesus Walks on the Water.
274. The Deeds of Corporal and Spiritual Mercy.

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275. Avarice and the Foolish Rich Man.
276. In the Garden of Mary of Magdala: Love for One’s Neighbour.
277. Jesus Sends the Seventy‑Two Disciples.
278. Jesus Meets Lazarus at the Field of the Galileans.
279. The Seventy‑Two Disciples Report to Jesus What They Have Done.
280. At the Temple for the Tabernacles.
281. At the Temple They Are Aware of Ermasteus, of John of Endor and of Syntyche.
282. Syntyche Speaks in Lazarus’ House.
283. The Mission of Four Apostles in Judaea.
284. Jesus Leaves Bethany for Trans‑Jordan.
285. Arrival at Ramoth with the Merchant from the Other Side of the Euphrates.
286. From Ramoth to Gerasa.
287. Preaching at Gerasa.
288. The Sabbath at Gerasa.
289. From Gerasa to the Fountain of the Cameleer.
290. Going to Bozrah.
291. At Bozrah.
292. The Sermon and Miracles at Bozrah.
293. Farewell to the Women Disciples.
294. At Arbela.
295. Going to Aera.
296. Jesus Preaches at Aera.
297. The Little Orphans Mary and Matthias.
298. Mary and Matthias Are Entrusted to Johanna of Chuza.
299. At Nain, in the House of Daniel Raised from the Dead.
300. In the Sheepfold at Endor.
301. From Endor to Magdala.
302. Jesus at Nazareth for the Dedication.
303. Jesus with John of Endor and Syntyche at Nazareth.
304. Jesus’ Lesson to Marjiam.
305. Simon Zealot at Nazareth.
306. An Evening at Home in Nazareth.
307. Jesus and the Wife of His Cousin Simon.
308. Simon Goes Back to Jesus.
309. Simon Peter at Nazareth.
310. Jesus Speaks about the Holy Economy of Universal Love.
311. John of Endor Will Have to Go to Antioch. End of the Second Year.

The Third Year of the Public Life

312. The Beginning of the Third Year at Nazareth , while Preparing for Departure.
313. Departure from Nazareth.
314. Towards Jiphthahel.
315. Jesus’ Farewell to the Two Disciples.
316. Jesus’ Sorrow, Prayer and Penance.
317. Leaving Ptolemais for Tyre.
318. Departure from Tyre on a Cretan Ship.
319. Storm and Miracles on the Ship.
320. Arrival and Landing at Seleucia.
321. From Seleucia to Antioch.
322. At Antigonea.
323. Farewell to Antioch after Preaching.
324. Return of the Eight Apostles and Arrival at Achzib.
325. At Achzib with Six Apostles.
326. Evangelizing at the Border of Phoenicia.
327. Arrival at Alexandroscene.
328. The Day after at Alexandroscene. Parable of the Vineyard Labourers.
329. The Sons of Thunder. Going towards Achzib with the Shepherd Annas.
330. The Cananean Mother.
331. Bartholomew Has Understood and Suffered.
332. On the Way Back to Galilee.
333. Meeting Judas Iscariot and Thomas.
334. Ishmael Ben Fabi. The Parable of the Banquet.
335. Jesus at Nazareth with His Cousins and with Peter and Thomas.
336. The Crippled Woman of Korazim.
337. Going towards Saphet. The Parable of the Good Farmer.
338. Going towards Meiron.
339. At Hillel’s Sepulchre at Giscala.
340. The Deaf‑Mute Cured near the Phoenician Border.
341. At Kedesh. The Signs of the Times.
342. Going towards Caesarea Philippi. Peter’s Primacy.
343. At Caesarea Philippi.
344. At the Castle in Caesarea Paneas.
345. Jesus Predicts His Passion for the First Time. Peter Is Reproached.
346. Prophecy on Peter and Marjiam. The Blind Man at Bethsaida.
347. From Capernaum to Nazareth with Manaen and the Women Disciples.
348.The Transfiguration and the Curing of the Epileptic.
349. Lesson to the Disciples after the Transfiguration.
350. The Tribute to the Temple and the Stater in the Mouth of the Fish.
351. The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. Little Benjamin of Capernaum.
352. Second Miracle of the Loaves.
353. The Bread from Heaven.
354. Nicolaus of Antioch. Second Announcement of the Passion.
355. Going towards Gadara.
356. The Night at Gadara and the Sermon on Divorce.
357. At Pella.
358. In Matthias’ House beyond Jabesh‑Gilead.
359. Rose of Jericho.
360. Miracle on the Jordan in Flood.
361. On the Other Bank. Jesus Meets His Mother and the Women Disciples.
362. At Ramah. The Number of the Elect.
363. At the Temple. The « Our Father » and a Parable on True Sons.
364. At Gethsemane and Bethany.
365. Letters from Antioch.
366. The Thursday before Passover. Morning Preliminaries.
367. The Thursday before Passover. At the Temple.
368. The Thursday before Passover. Instructions to the Apostles.
369. The Thursday before Passover. In Johanna of Chuza’s House.
370. The Thursday before Passover. The Evening.
371. Preparation Day. The Morning.
372. Preparation Day. At the Temple.
373. Preparation Day. In the Streets of Jerusalem.
374. Preparation Day. The Evening.
375. The Sabbath of the Unleavened Bread.
376. Mary Has Chosen the Better Part.
377. Jesus Speaks at Bethany.
378. Towards Mount Adomin.
379. After the Retreat upon Mount Cherith.
380. The Parable of the Unfaithful Steward. Essenes and Pharisees.
381. In Nike’s House.
382. At the Ford between Jericho and Bethabara.
383. In Solomon’s House. Old Ananias.
384. At the Cross‑Road near Solomon’s Village. Parable of the Labour Agents.
385. Towards the Western Bank of the Jordan.
386. At Gilgal. The Beggar Ogla. The Twelve Stones.
387. Towards Engedi. Taking Leave of Judas Iscariot and Simon Zealot.
388. Arrival at Engedi.
389. Preaching and Miracles at Engedi.
390. Elisha of Engedi.
391. At Masada.
392. At the Country House of Mary Mother of Judas.
393. Farewell to Kerioth. Parable of the Two Wills.
394. Anne of Kerioth. Farewell to Judas’ Mother.
395. Farewell to Juttah.
396. Farewell to Hebron.
397. Farewell to Bethzur.
398. At Bether.
399. Jesus at Bether with Peter and Bartholomew.
400. Farewell to Bether.
401. Simon of Jonah’ Struggle and Spiritual Victory.
402. Going towards Emmaus on the Plain.
403. Little Michael and Preaching near Emmaus on the Plain.
404. At Joppa Jesus Speaks to Judas of Kerioth and to Some Gentiles.
405. In the Estate of Nicodemus. The Parable of the Two Sons.
406. At the Estate of Joseph of Arimathea.
407. In the House of Joseph of Arimathea on a Sabbath. John, a Member of the Sanhedrin.
408. The Apostles Speak.
409. The Miraculous Gleaning in the Plain.
410. The Lily of the Valley.
411. In Jerusalem for Pentecost.
412. Jesus at the Banquet of Helkai, the Pharisee and Member of the Sanhedrin.
413. At Bethany.

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414. The Beggar on the Road to Jericho.
415. The Conversion of Zacchaeus.
416. At Solomon’s Village.
417. In a Little Village of the Decapolis. Parable of the Sculptor.
418. The Demoniac of the Decapolis.
419. The Yeast of the Pharisees.
420. Consider Yourselves Unprofitable Servants.
421. The Repentant Sinner Is always To Be Forgiven.
422. Martyrdom for Love Is Absolution.
423. At Caesarea on the Sea. Parable of the Father Who Gives Each of His Children the Same Amount of Money.
424. At Caesarea on the Sea. The Roman Ladies and the Slave Galla Ciprina.
425. Aurea Galla.
426. Parable of the Vineyard and of Free Will.
427. Going about the Plain of Esdraelon.
428. The Fallen Nest and the Scribe Johanan ben Zaccai.
429. The Journey in the Plain of Esdraelon Continues.
430. Near Sephoris, with Johanan’s Peasants.
431. Arrival at Nazareth.
432. Parable of Painted Wood.
433. The Sabbaths in the Peace of Nazareht.
434. Before Being a Mother, the Blessed Virgin Is a Daughter and Servant of God.
435. Jesus and His Mother Converse.
436. The Blessed Virgin at Tiberias.
437. Aurea Does the Will of God.
438. Another Sabbath at Nazareth.
439. The Departure from Nazareth and the Journey towards Bethlehem in Galilee.
440. Judas of Kerioth with the Blessed Virgin at Nazareth.
441. The Death of Marjiam’s Grandfather.
442. Jesus Speaks of Charity to the Apostles.
443. Arrival at Tiberias. Parable of the Rain on the Vine.
444. Arrival at Capernaum.
445. Preaching at Capernaum.
446. At Magdala. Parable on Good and Bad Will.
447. Little Alphaeus of Meroba.
448. At the Village before Hippo.
449. Morning Sermon in the Village on the Lake.
450. Near the Place of the Leper. Parable on the Ten Commandments.
451. At Hippo. Love for the Poor. Cure of an Old Slave.
452. Towards Gamala. The Blessed Virgin’s Love in Doing the Will of God.
453. Near Gamala, Jesus Entrusts the Church to the Blessed Virgin and Speaks of Mercy on Oppressed People.
454. From Gamala to Aphek.
455. Preaching at Aphek.
456. At Gherghesa and Return to Capernaum.
457. Be as Wise as Serpents and as Simple as Doves.
458. The Sabbath at Capernaum.
459. At Johanna of Chuza’s. Letters from Antioch.
460. At the Thermal Baths of Emmaus of Tiberias.
461. At Tarichea. Galatia , the Sinner.
462. In Chuza’s Country House. The Tempting Proposal Made to Jesus and Made Known by the Disciple Jesus Loved.
463. At Bethsaida and Capernaum. Departure on a New Journey.
464. In the House of Judas and Anne near Lake Merom.
465. Parable on the Distribution of Waters.
466. Judas Iscariot Fills Jesus with Joy.
467. Farewell to the Few Believers in Korazim.
468. Jesus Speaks of Matrimony to a Mother‑in‑law.
469. Jesus Speaks to Barnabas of the Law of Love.
470. A Judgement of Jesus.
471. Cure of the Boy Born Blind from Sidon.
472. A Vision that Is Lost in a Rapture of Love.
473. Going towards Sephoris.
474. Jesus with the Leprous Sinners of Bethlehem in Galilee.
475. Jesus and His Mother in the Wood of Mattathias.
476. Jesus Converses with Joseph of Alphaeus.
477. Awaiting Johanan’s Peasants near the Jezreel Tower.
478. Taking to the Road Again towards Engannim.
479. Jesus and John Arrive at Engannim.
480. Jesus and the Samaritan Shepherd.
481. The Ten Lepers near Ephraim.
482. At Ephraim. Parable of the Pomegranate.
483. At Bethany for the Feast of the Tabernacles.
484. At the Temple : «The Kingdom of God Does Not Come with Pomp».
485. At the Temple : «Do You Know Me and Where I Come from?».
486. At the Temple : «I Shall Remain with You for Only a Short Time Now».
487. At Nob. The Miracle on the Wind.
488. Jesus at the Camp of the Galileans with His Apostle Cousins.
489. On the Last Day of the Feast of the Tabernacles. The Living Water.
490. At Bethany. «One Can Kill in Many Ways».
491. Near the Fountain of En‑Rogel.
492. The Pharisees and the Adulterous Woman.
493. Instructions on the Road to Bethany.
494. At the Village of Solomon and in His House.
495. Jesus and Simon of Jonas.
496. Jesus to Thaddeus and to James of Zebedee.
497. The Man from Petra , near Heshbon.
498. Descending from Mount Nebo.
499. Parable of the Father Who Praises His Far‑away Children. Cure of the Little Blind Children Fara and Tamar.
500. Divine and Diabolical Possessions.
501. The Wife of the Sadducean Necromancer.
502. Death of Ananias.
503. The Parable of the Unscrupulous Judge.
504. Jesus, Light of the World.
505. Jesus Speaks in the Temple to the Incredulous Judaeans.
506. In Joseph’s House at Sephoris. Little Martial Named Manasseh.
507. The Old Priest Matan (or Natan).
508. The Cure of the Man Born Blind.
509. At Nob. Judas of Kerioth Lies.
510. Among the Ruins of a Destroyed Village.
511. At Emmaus in the Mountains. Parable of the Rich Wise Man and of the Poor Ignorant Boy.
512. The Undecided Young Man. Miracles and Admonitions at Beth‑Horon.
513. Towards Gibeon. The Reasons for Jesus’ Sorrow.
514. At Gibeon. The Wisdom of Love.
515. Returning to Jerusalem.
516. Jesus, the Good Shepherd.
517. Towards Bethany and in Lazarus’ House.
518. Going to Tekoah. Old Elianna.
519. At Tekoah.
520. Arrival at Jericho. Zacchaeus’ Apostolate.
521. At Jericho. Two Parables: That of the Sick and the Healthy, and That of the Pharisee and the Publican.
522. In Zacchaeus’ House with the Converts. The Soul and the Error of Reincarnation.
523. Sabea of Bethlechi.
524. At Bethabara, Remembering the Baptist.
525. Going Back to Nob. Jesus’ Omniscience.
526. At Nob. Judas of Kerioth’s Return.
527. At Nob during the Following Days. Hidden Possessions.
528. Judas of Kerioth Is Lustful.
529. Jesus Speaks to Valeria of Matrimony and Divorce. The Miracle of Little Levi.
530. Jesus and the Prostitute Sent to Tempt Him.
531. Jesus and Judas of Kerioth Going towards Jerusalem.
532. In the Synagogue of the Roman Freedmen.
533. Judas Iscariot and Jesus’ Enemies.
534. The Seven Lepers Cured. Instructions to the Apostles and Arrival at Bethany.
535. At the Feast of the Dedication of the Temple.
536. Jesus Goes to the Grotto of the Nativity to be Alone.
537. Jesus and John of Zebedee.
538. Jesus with John and Manaen. End of the Third Year.

Preparation for the Passion

Read visions 539 to 560 online for free.

539. The Judaeans in Lazarus’ House.
540. The Judaeans with Martha and Mary.
541. Martha Sends a Servant to Inform the Master.
542. Lazarus’ Death.
543. The Servant of Bethany Informs Jesus of Martha’s Message.
544. At Lazarus’ Funeral.
545. Jesus Decides to Go to Lazarus.
546. Resurrection of Lazarus.
547. In Jerusalem and in the Temple after the Resurrection of Lazarus.
548. At Bethany after the Resurrection of Lazarus.
549. Going to Ephraim.
550. The First Day at Ephraim.
551. Jesus Respects the Precept of Love More Than the Sabbatic Law.
552. The Following Day at Ephraim. Parable on the Remembrance of Man’s Eternal Destiny.$
553. Jesus Explains to Peter the Mandate for Remitting Sins and Why Saints and Innocents Suffer.
554. On a Sabbath at Ephraim Jesus Speaks in the Synagogue.
555. The Arrival of the Relatives of the Children with Many People of Shechem.
556. The Parable of the Drop That Excavates the Rock.
557. Pilgrims Arrive in Ephraim from the Decapolis. Manaen’s Secret Mission.
558. The Secret Meeting with Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus.
559. The Saphorim Samuel.
560. What People Say at Nazareth.
561. False Disciples Arrive in Shechem. At Ephraim Jesus Restores the Tongue to the Dumb Slave of Claudia Procula.
562. The Man of Jabneel.
563. Samuel, Judas of Kerioth and John. Parable of the Bees.
564. At Ephraim, before and after the Arrival of Jesus’ Mother and of the Women Disciples with Lazarus.
565. Parable of the Tom Cloth and Miracle of the Woman in Childbed. Judas of Kerioth Is Caught Stealing.
566. Farewell to Ephraim. Going towards Shilo.
567. At Shiloh. First Parable on Advice.
568. At Lebonah. Second Parable on Advice.
569. Arrival at Shechem.
570. At Shechem. Third Parable on Advice.
571. Leaving for Enon.
572. At Enon. The Young Shepherd Benjamin.
573. Jesus Is Rejected by the Samaritans. With Judas of Kerioth.
574. The Rich Young Man.
575. The Third Prophecy of the Passion. The Request of Zebedee’s sons.
576. Meeting with the Disciples Led by Manaen and Arrival at Jericho.
577. With Some Unknown Disciples.
578. Prophecy on Israel. Miracles Worked During the Journey from Jericho to Bethany.
579. Arrival at Bethany.
580. The Friday before the Entry into Jerusalem. Judas of Kerioth Impenitent.
581. The Friday before the Entry into Jerusalem. Farewell to the Women Disciples and the Encounter with an Unhappy Child.
582. The Sabbath before the Entry into Jerusalem. Parable of the Two Lamps and the Parable Applied to the Miracle on Shalem.
583. The Sabbath before the Entry into Jerusalem. Pilgrims and Judaeans at Bethany.
584. The Sabbath before the Entry into Jerusalem. The Supper at Bethany.
585. Farewell to Lazarus.
586. Judas Goes to the Leaders of the Sanhedrin.
587. From Bethany to Jerusalem.
588. Jesus Enters into Jerusalem.
589. The Evening of Palm Sunday.
590. The Monday before Passover. The Cursed Fig‑Tree and the Parable of the Wicked Husbandmen.
591. Monday Night before Passover. Teachings to the Apostles at Gethsemane.
592. The Tuesday Morning before Passover. The Questions of the Tribute to Caesar and of the Resurrection of the Dead.
593. The Tuesday Night before Passover. Other Teachings to the Apostles.
594. The Wednesday before Passover. From the Discussions with Scribes and Pharisees to the Eschatological Discourse. The Widow’s Mite.
595. The Night of the Wednesday before Passover. Last Teachings to the Apostles.
596. The Thursday before Passover. Preparation for the Supper and Announcement of the Glorification through Death.
597. The Thursday Evening before Passover. Arrival at the Supper‑Room and Farewell to the Mother.
598. The Passover Supper.

The Passion

599. The Agony and the Arrest at Gethsemane.
600. The Various Trials.
601. Death of Judas of Kerioth. The Behaviour of Mary towards Judas Cancels Eve’s Bearing towards Cain.
602. Other Teachings on the First Parents and on the Parallelism between Cain and Judas.
603. John Goes to Get Mary.
604. The Way of the Cross from the Praetorium to Calvary.
605. The Crucifixion.
606. The Burial of Jesus and the Spiritual Distress of Mary.
607. The Return to the Supper Room.
608. The Night of Good Friday.
609. The Redeeming Value of Jesus’ and Mary’s sufferings. John Is the Head of Lovers.
610. The Holy Saturday.
611. The Night of Holy Saturday.

The Glorification

612. The Morning of the Resurrection.
613. The Resurrection.
614. Jesus Appears to His Mother.
615. The Pious Women at the Sepulchre.
616. Comment on the Resurrection.
617. Jesus Appears to Lazarus.
618. Jesus Appears to Johanna of Chuza.
619. Jesus Appears to Joseph of Arimathea, to Nicodemus and to Manaen.
620. Jesus Appears to the Shepherds.
621. Jesus Appears to the Disciples of Emmaus.
622. Jesus Appears to the Other Friends.
623. Jesus Appears to the Ten Apostles.
624. The Incredulity of Thomas. Jesus’ Warning to the « Thomases » of Today.
625. Jesus Appears to the Apostles with Thomas. Speech on Priesthood.
626. At Gethsemane with the Apostles.
627. The Apostles Go along the Way of the Cross.
628. Jesus Appears to Various People in Different Places.
629. Jesus Appears on the Shores of the Lake. The Mission Con­ferred to Peter.
630. Jesus Appears on Mount Tabor to the Apostles and to about Five Hundred Believers.
631. The Last Teachings before Ascension‑Day.
632. The Supplementary Passover.
633. Farewell to His Mother before Ascension.
634. Farewell and Ascension of the Lord.
635. The Election of Matthias.
636. The Descent of the Holy Spirit. End of the Messianic Cycle.
637. Peter Celebrates the Eucharist in a Meeting of the First Christians.
638. The Blessed Virgin Takes up Her Abode at Gethsemane with John, Who Foretells Her Assumption.
639. The Blessed Virgin and John in the Places of the Passion.
640. The Two Shrouds of the Lord.
641. The Martyrdom of Stephen. Saul and Gamaliel.
642. Deposition of Stephen’s Body.
643. Gamaliel Becomes a Christian.
644. Peter Converses with John.
645. The Blissful Passage of the Blessed Virgin.
646. The Assumption of Our Lady.
647. On the Passage, the Assumption and Royalty of the Blessed Virgin. The Reasons for the Work. Farewell to the Work.

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